Fleur du Bonheur

Fleur’s journey in the world of music and entertainment started as a kid when she hosted a show at a local radio station. During her teenage years she became interested in electronic house music and unifying people by organizing (music) events became a hobby. When she started listening to seventies music those soulful rhythms, melodies and vocals deeply touched her heart. That’s when she started searching for more and more music (soul, funk, reggae, disco, house) with which she feels deep emotional connections. In recent years she has devoted herself to spiritual philosophy, thereby continuously focusing on healing, personal development, and mysticism. She is extremely passionate about connecting mind, body and soul, which is exactly what she brings to the table. Nowadays she’s booked at events to play as a DJ and/or to host workshops, rituals and ceremonies. She loves sharing good vibrations in word, sound and presence. Thereby she wishes to open hearts and spark happiness where ever she goes.