Fleur du Bonheur

Fleur makes you move while taking you on a journey. Either warming up, playing peak time or closing down, she engages with the dance floor, reads the crowd and takes the energy to the next level. During her sets she delicately builds the vibe to make sure that people surrender and move to the groove.

Fleur’s journey in the world of music and entertainment started as a kid when she hosted a show at a local radio station, where she interviewed artists and played diverse music genres. During her teenage years she became interested in electronic house music en unifying people through music and events. When she started listening to seventies and early eighties music those soulful rhythms, melodies and vocals deeply touched her. That’s when she started searching for more and more music, longing to feel those strong emotional connections. Since a couple of years she has devoted herself to mixing records in different kinds of genres (soul, funk, disco and house). She’s extremely passionate about connecting mind, body and soul through music and she loves sharing good vibrations in word, sound and presence. Thus, she aims to touch hearts and uplift the energy where ever she goes.