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Hey there, it’s me Fleur.

My personal journey in the world of music and entertainment started as a kid when I had my radio show at a local radio station. During my teenage years I became interested in electronic house music and unifying people by organizing (music) events became one of my hobbies. When I started listening to seventies music those soulful rhythms, melodies and vocals deeply touched my heart. This is how I started searching for more and more music (soul, funk, reggae, disco, house) with which I feel such a strong emotional connection. In recent years I have devoted myself to spiritual philosophy, thereby continuously focusing on healing, personal development, and mysticism. I am extremely passionate about connecting mind, body and soul and working with energy to do so. Nowadays I am booked at events to play as a DJ and/or to host workshops, rituals and ceremonies. I love to share good vibrations in word, sound and presence. I wish to open hearts and spark happiness where ever I go.

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Wish to get into contact? Write me at namaste@fleurdubonheur.com.

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